Do you like Warner Theater?


23rd July 2017 - Sunday 19:00

IMomSoHard, the sensational comedy duo of mothers Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley is coming to the stage at the Warner Theater!

Both Kristin and Jen are from Nebraska, went to the same university (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) at the same time, and had a lot of mutual friends. They both moved to California, lived a block away from each other, and even performed with Second City Los Angeles (a world class comedy club, theatre, and school of improvisation). Despite all the commonalities, it was random chance that brought them together at a comedy show. They quickly bonded over their love of cocktails, conversation, comedy, and more than a decade (along with two husbands, four kids and three dogs) later, they took their friendship online in the form of IMomSoHard; short and funny Facebook videos poking fun at themselves and talking about all the craziness that comes with being a mom. It wasn’t long before their videos went viral and found an instant following among moms who related to post pregnancy aftershocks such as purses stuffed with fistfuls of barrettes, stray socks, tiny toys, and dusty Baggies of disintegrated Cheerio…not to mention the art of sniffing a diaper on a cruisin’ crawling kiddo.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists turn the reality of snot covered sweaters, five second rule dropped food pickups, and pre chewed food sharing into hilarious truths only a mom would understands!