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Johnny Clegg

27th October 2017 - Friday 20:00

Johnny Clegg, England’s sensational Afro pop artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Warner Theater!

Jonathan "Johnny" Clegg was born in Bacup (Lancashire, England) in 1953 and is a singer, multi instrumentalist (guitar and concertina) and anthropologist. He moved to South Africa when he was 6 and began his musical journey by taking an interest in Celtic music. It wasn’t long before he discovered Zulu (a South African ethnic group) music and he also began taking part in traditional Zulu dance competitions. He went on to create a musical style that’s best described as a blend of Mbaqanga (a style of South African music – originating in the early 1960s - with rural Zulu roots that continues to influence musicians worldwide today) and Afro pop (the music of the African diaspora, based on African musical traditions but also including American music and many Caribbean genres such as soca, calypso, and zouk). He’s best known for forming two highly successful biracial bands (Juluka and Savuka) and he’s also had a stellar solo career with 6 studio albums, 4 live albums, 3 video albums, and 1 soundtrack album. He’s received many accolades including an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and an Order of Ikhamanga (South Africa’s highest civilian honor).

Don't miss your chance to see the artist who defied apartheid by forming two highly successful biracial bands in the 1970s and '80s!