Do you like Warner Theater?

Magic Men Live!

14th July 2017 - Friday 20:00

Magic Men Live!, the stage production bringing the phenomenon of Magic Mike, Fifty Shades of Grey, and others live is coming to the Warner Theater!

Ladies’ night just got a lot more interesting as Magic Men Live! brings your favorite fantasies to life through visual story lines, state-of-the-art lighting, sound design, theatrical performances, and next-generation special effects. The show captivates the senses, inspires a unique and fun level of fan interaction, and is designed with the desires of contemporary women in mind. The line-up consists of talented and stunning guys; Myles (aka The Host With the Most), Enrique (aka The Latin Lover), Max (aka The Gun Show), Troy (aka The Boy Toy), Zac (aka The Charmer), Valentino (aka The Chocolate Boy Wonder), Vincent (aka The Bad Boy), Mike (aka Magic), and Christian (aka The Country Boy). The line-up has been carefully selected to appeal to a variety of tastes and the show has captivated women of all ages with intense, exciting, wild, and fun performances that leave the audience exhilarated and euphoric. One of the audience members had this to say, “Best girls night ever! The men were extremely attractive, incredible dancers, and very sweet when talking to you offstage. The host knew how to keep the crowd going. Worth every penny. I would definetely go again and again!”

Don’t miss your chance to have the perfect girls' night with Magic Men Live!